Reporting a fishing trip under the Westag program

Information Required on Fishing Trip

The Westag Fishing Trip system is aimed at collecting details of members fishing trips. All Trips must be registered at westag.info-fish.net. When registered a copy of the Westag Trip Sheet will be made available for download.

Data collection is in 2 parts. Westag Fishing Trip data is required to be supplied by all fishers while Westag Research data is only required to be filled in by those participating in research projects or are prepared to provide the data voluntarily.

Data to be collected on a fishing trip

Data required from all fishers in the yellow section of the e-trip form includes:

  1. Details of the duration of the fishing trip
  2. Details of the number of participants
  3. Details of all fish tagged, kept or released.

Data to be collected to assist research projects

Additional data can be collected to assist in specific research projects or can be supplied voluntarily. Only those sections required for a specific research project need to be completed. Research data is collected in the blue section of the e-trip form on the following:

  1. GPS location (not published or reported)
  2. Barotrauma
  3. Injury to fish
  4. Hook(s) used and hooking location
  5. Gear used to catch fish
  6. Other data of use in research such as chemical markers
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